Estefania Fernandez

Helping people and contributing to business growth through education.

Innovation and E-Learning Consultant with a wide experience as Agile Project manager and a special interest in Data to make informed decisions.

Passionate about future trends and technologies and curious about neuroscience and consumer behavior.

Proud of having created:

  •, an e-learning academy focused in innovation and entrepreneurship for business graduates. Based in Germany.
  • Business Model Re:public, one of the most popular meetups in Europe for business model innovation
  •  Meigalicia, my former company, a DMC company specialized in alternative tourism in Spain.
About Me

I’m Estefania Fernandez.
I Help Organizations with their e-learning projects and innovation campaigns.

After a wide experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, always with a focus on helping people and being more efficient, I am now taking advantage of my know-how to help organizations to  be more efficient and competitive.

According to my German teacher, I am the most German Spanish person she ever met. I am highly organized but very flexible and quick to solve problems.

Inspiring talks about innovation and future trends.
Monthly events since 2016 and almost 6000 members.
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I created e-Bloom to give the opportunity to business graduates to understand topics that are not deeply taught in the business schools, like Systematic Innovation, Scrum, OKRs, Lean Startup or Design Thinking.

With e-Bloom they can learn by helping and gain confidence by participating in pitching events and workshops.

I can also help your organization to develop e-learning projects and offer white label content customized to your organization.

Flexible and committed professional

Elearning Consultant

Innovation Consultant

Business Consultant

Topics I Love



I have founded two companies, the first one in 2006 in Spain and the second one in 2021 in Germany.

I also hold an eMBA and several diplomas in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. 



My first company, Meigalicia, was awarded as the most innovative tourism company in 2009. Innovation has been always my passion and since then I dedicated my life to keep learning about this topic and sharing my knowledge lecturing, consulting and through meetups.


Project Management

From waterfall to agile.

I have managed different projects since 2006. I am also certified as PSM I at and I am an OKRs enthusiast.

Helping people to understand new work.


Education and E-Learning

Since 2008 I have been invited to different schools and universities to teach entrepreneurship, but since 2019 I made lecturing my main activity. I believe in the democratization of education to have a better world, that is why I have made it my career.



I have founded and managed a DMC company. I have managed 2 hotels and created partnerships for OTAs.

In the last years I got involved in programs of tourism innovation and transformation, specially for remote workers and digital nomads.


Event organization

Event organization was part of my DMC business between 2006 and 2013 and it is still now since 2016 with my meetup group “Business Model Re:public” where I organize one event per month (online and offline).



I am always learning about new technologies and digital tools in the market that can make your work easier and more efficient. I can help you to find the best tools for specific services, mainly for e-learning, co-creation, marketing and online events.



I love designing business from the creative perspective, its business model and personality. I am a big fan of neuroscience, consumer behavior, design and storytelling so I enjoy helping in branding projects.

Languages I Speak



My mother tongue and used to talk to different Spanish speakers from different countries.



Studying and working in English since 2002. It is like my mother tongue with my gentle Spanish accent.



Living in Berlin since 2013. Between B2.2. and C1 since 2015. 


Other languages

Not fluent but able to understand and communicate basically in French, Italian and Portuguese.

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What Others Are Saying

“Estefania is truly an entrepreneur. She has big knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation in business and she loves share it with other people. I participated in her events which she runs with confidence. They are always very interesting too! Estefania can also bring people together, what everybody can see in the communities she’s building - the people are connected, willing to discover new things, helpful and passionate."

Agata bilska

“I got the chance of being mentored by Estefania for various modules through my Masters. The most interesting part about her lectures were the way she use to impart knowledge that I used to be glued to the discussions. She believes in a more practical and on ground approach hence we were able to go on a company visit to get in depth knowledge. I really appreciate her efforts in making the course easier, worthy and knowledgeable. Thank you for all your efforts"

Chirag Saha

"Estefania is one of the best coaches and lecturers for an innovation mind and skill set that i have met so far. In combination with her international innovation network and her growth mind set, it is always a pleasure to collaborate with her in a team."

Norbert bader

"I have worked and continue to work with Estefania on a number of pan European projects. Estefania is a very smart, determined entrepreneurial person with great sales skills and an innovative spirit. I look forward to continue working with her in 2018 and beyond."

Frederic servieres

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